Love Is In The Air

I recently read something that said January is like the Monday of months and I could not agree more! Although I love the thought of starting a fresh new year but for some reason between the end of the holiday season and the cold weather January has just never resonated with me. But the one thing I get pretty excited about if what comes after January…February and 14 days into February is one of my favorite holidays!

Something about celebrating love is so inspiring to me and not to mention who doesn’t love seeing pink hearts all over for a few weeks? I have put together a guide for some amazing Valentines Day looks no matter what your plans or budget. I will most likely not be celebrating out with any fancy dinner but instead spending the night at home with all three of my loves and you can bet even though I may not be dressed in one of the below dresses I will be sporting one of the more casual looks.

V-Day Dress Looks:

V-Day Casual Looks:

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